Seller's To Do List

For the Seller: What to bring to a closing.

We want your closing experience to run as smoothly as possible. Please bring with you the following so that our mutual goal is achieved:

  1. A valid driver’s license or other photo identification, i.e., a passport or visa, for each seller.
  2. A certified, cashier or attorney’s escrow check for any money due from you made payable to yourself. We will not accept cash or a personal check for any amount over $250.00. You will endorse any check you bring to closing and deliver the check to the person handling your closing.
  3. Pest inspection report dated within 30 days of closing.
  4. The original, signed power of attorney if a power of attorney is being used at closing for one of the sellers. Please fax us (502.412.4380) the power of attorney at least two business days prior to closing if we did not provide you with the power of attorney.